Ultrasound Medical imaging Services for Women in Union City, NJ

Pelvic Ultrasound

Ultrasound of the pelvis may be done by two methods which are transabdominal - through a full bladder or transvaginal - endocavity.
Both methods are important. The transabdominal ultrasound provides a panoramic view of the whole pelvis. Transvaginal ultrasound will provide excellent visualization of some structures as well as fetal heart beat in early pregnancy since it is closer to the examined area. The transvaginal ultrasound and transabdominal ultrasound will not be painful. Doppler ultrasound may also be used.
Common reasons for pelvic ultrasound are to look for causes of pelvic pain. Other reasons include abnormal bleeding, abnormal gynecologic examination results, symptoms of pelvic infection, localization of intrauterine contraceptive device, and urinary incontinence.

Breast & Pelvis Ultrasound


Breasts Ultrasound

Common reasons for breast ultrasound are to identify and characterize palpable breast masses, further evaluation of mammogram results, and to look for reasons for breast pain as well as evaluating problems involve with breast implants. There is no pain associated with breast ultrasound.
A gown is provided to the patient. The room is darkened and warm gel is applied and the transducer is placed on the skin. Diagnostic ultrasound examination is performed in a clockwise fashion to examine the entire breasts.

Obstetric Ultrasound

Your doctor may recommend an obstetric ultrasound examination to determine the fetal age of your baby as well as fetal growth and fetal well being. Diagnostic ultrasound is used to confirm the number of babies and to check the baby's position and to evaluate the uterus and ovaries. Fetal sonography is done or fetal evaluation in the first, second, and third trimesters. There is no pain associated with this examination.